Q- Can foreign companies acquire property in turkey? 

A- Yes, all foreign companies can acquire property in Turkey.

Q- Will the Property be freehold? 

A- Yes – all properties we sell in Turkey are "freehold." 

Q- How many days does it take to acquire property in Turkey? 

A- you can get your favorite property in Turkey within 2 days only.

Q- What do I need to buy a property in Turkey? 

A- To acquire property in Turkey, you need your passport and two photos, it’s very simple and easy. 

Q- How Can I pay the electricity and gas and water when I buy the property? 

A- Don’t worry we have this Service ,with our company When you buy a property we will make sure that everything is settled for you , and with our professional team everything will be paid after one hour only.

Q- How much does electricity, water and gas subscriptions cost? 

A- All these subscriptions cost around 600 Turkish lira. 

Q- How much does the monthly electricity and gas cost for the house ? 

A- It depends on your way of consuming, and It’s monthly around 250-300 Turkish lira.

Q- Am I paying Per Month For water, gas, electricity even if I’m not using it? 

A- Electricity, water and gas subscriptions that you are not using are not chargeable in Turkey. 

Q- How can I get Internet in my home?  

A- With our professional team we can help you with that, and we can get for you Limitless Internet , only you have to pay monthly around 80 Turkish lira. 

Q- Where can I buy my home appliances? 

A- In turkey we have the top quality furniture and appliances companies, you can choose whatever you want with three years guarantee, also you can change the product easily.


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