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Since 2014 Alfa Property has been serving its clients with the best price and the guaranteed service from the most beautiful city in the world Alanya! We continue to bring new neighbors to our beautiful city Alanya every day, based on the values that we have and believe in. Our company is proud and happy to help people from all corners of the world who want to own property in this beautiful country, not just in Alanya, but in many Turkish cities too that are well known of their exiting activities and both historical and natural sightseeing. We will grant you an up-to-date information about all properties and the whole process. with us your journey to own a property will be the easiest, shortest and most reliable. Our carefully designed website always gives you the access to latest price, photos, information, and answers to the most frequent questions about owning properties. We are constantly happy to give you the best support you can get before and after the property owning. With our company you will never lose, you can rent your property while traveling, all under our care. We want you to know that you are free to contact us any time and with any kind of questions in your mind. Get in touch with us now and start your experience and afresh new start around the cleanest seas, the greenest nature, the greatest mountains, the freshest fruits, vegetables, and the outstanding beauty and peace that surround this country.
Alanya has one of the most important blue-flagged beaches in Turkey and in the world, its diamond water surrounds the whole city. More than 300 sunny days in the year to enjoy the perfect weather all the time, it also has beautiful and clean forests, traditional restaurants and cafes, historical buildings, delicious, fresh vegetables and fruits. These amazing reasons what makes the people so happy during their staying with us, there for every year more people come from all over the world to buy properties in our outstanding Alanya. It has an airport that expands it's flight lines every day, and that allows Alanya to welcome the tourists from every country. Every year our population grows 10% due to the increase number of our beloved guests and that makes Alanya one of the most generous places in Turkey that enjoys hosting it's guests. We Have the safest and cleanest roads, a lot of parks and green spots to walk, run and to enjoy your picnics. Our shopping centers have the most famous brands of the world, and they are very reachable to get to. You can enjoy the diversity we have in our activities such as: Art galleries, theater festivals, musical events, museums, children's festivals, movie halls. Also you can attend our annual sports events like: volleyball, football matches. If you want to own a property in this beautiful city that has it all, and enjoy having the Turkish citizenship, then feel free to contact us to choose the right investment that suits your budget! With our special team that works 24/7 we will be super delighted to answer all of your questions and remove all your concerns and doubts.


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